Weeknotes #35, October 13th, 2023

In updating and relaunching their Inclusive Growth Strategy, Leeds City Council wanted a way to easily track their progress across a set of key economic indicators. This week Christian and Taz have introduced our Inclusive Growth Dashboard that was created as part of a year-long relationship to support the council's economic insight.

Our next #OpenDataSavesLives event - Session 41 - is on the 1st November 2023 12pm-1pm (GMT) and is all about analytical tools that help you use data to make improvements and progress in Healthcare decisions. Make sure to register via Eventbrite in advance to get the link for it.

Stuart has been continuing with the work of cataloguing the best and worst UK council web home pages in the land. He's even had some success in getting the content management teams to reduce page size, which is really important in ensuring their websites and services are accessible to all, regardless of their network speed or capabilities of access device. On a related topic, Giles was interested to read Greenwashing and the COP28 Website, which is a (pretty scathing) assessment of the carbon impact of the COP28 website.

Last but certainly not least, we are sad to say goodbye to Luke. Back in March he joined our small team. Over the past six months or so Luke has learned a lot and contributed a huge amount to our projects and team. Unfortunately for us he will soon be heading off to travel through Central America so this has been his last week. He will be missed but we hope he has a fantastic time.