Weeknotes #31, July 21st, 2023

Stuart and Taz attended the Northern Powergrid Stakeholder Workshop on Wednesday, where they heard about NPg's plans for open data and offered feedback on their new Open Data Portal. We saw the Portal back in March and it is good to see them working so closely with their users - we wrote down some suggestions in a blog post earlier in the year.

We've been heavily in project wrap-up mode this week for our work with YFF. Our final Show & Tell / Review is coming up on Monday so we are finishing off any final tweaks and amendments. Their data site is looking great (if we do say so ourselves!), and we'll be delighted to continue our relationship with Youth Futures into Phase 3 of our work together. In case you haven't seen it, here is the latest iteration of the YFF external data dashboard.

Luke, Giles and Christian visited the JRF head office in York on Tuesday. The main discussion was around spotlights. We decided on the names for the spotlights and the data that we wanted to show in them. You can see the initial pages on the site under the spotlight tab. They are still very much a work in progress but you can expect to see these fleshed-out rapidly over the coming weeks, now that the underlying structure of the site is developed. We decided that place pages should all have the same level summary statistics, both geographical and poverty-related, for which we are drawing on Top Trumps as inspiration (trust us!). Lastly, we discussed accessibility (e.g. colour, keyboard navigation), which is something we have been considering throughout the project. We will likely add a user guide for the interactive elements of our site.

Stay tuned for an exciting new project we have in the works, which we can hopefully announce next week!