Weeknotes #26, June 2nd, 2023

Quite a few of the team were out for the holidays, enjoying the weather. It should have been a "new sprint week", but the dedicated few left in the office decided to extend until more folk were in.

Michelle and Taz held the fort, and were busy getting and actioning feedback on the work we've done on the Youth Futures Foundation project. They wrote a blog post about Phase 2 work which explains in more detail what we've been up to. We're pulling all of these links together on the YFF project hub page - where we'll be collating all of our YFF resources as we go! They also interviewed one of the key YFF project sponsors about the benefits YFF are hoping to realise by creating the data dashboard. An edited transcript of this interview will be published soon.

Don't forget, the 8th June sees the Leeds Data Ethics Forum. We are looking to build initiative in this area to work on making Leeds a leading 'Safe Digital City'.

Also, make sure you have 21st June in the diary for our next Open Data Saves Lives event on Virtual Wards - we're excited to hear from Tim Straughan from NHS@Home, Clara Wessinger from Kent & Medway NHS Trust as well as Stephen Blackburn at Leeds City Council. Here's the link to register!

Normal weeknote service will be resumed next week!