Weeknotes #20, April 21st, 2023

We finished our third sprint this week. Given the Easter holidays, we decided to run a three-week sprint. The general feeling was that this removed some of the urgency from the sprint cycle. It felt as though some of the tickets were languising somewhat when people returned from holiday. We'll think about this carefully next time a similar situation arises. We also had some issues with loosely defined tickets which then have a tendency to soak up any new requirements that people come up with when reviewing. Perhaps a better way of dealing with this kind of ticket is to close them off, raising a new ticket with the additional, more specific requirements. One to try out. In terms of numbers, we closed off 44 tickets (5 of which were closed with no action). We ended up with 14 tickets dropping through: 5 in review, 1 in progress, 7 ready and 1 backlog. We did scrub the backlog a bit prior to closing the sprint. On the last day of the sprint we ended up moving / removing four or five tickets. One to watch out for!

Luke went to Northallerton for the North Yorkshire LSIP board meeting, and presented the data dashboard that we have been creating. There were some good discussions and feedback about how the site should progress in the future. He's also been working on data pipelines and visualisations for the YFF project.

Christian's been finishing off the coding of an open-source GVA impact model. All seems good, just some final testing and checking to do before some code rationalisation and then we'll release it into the wild!

Taz has been working on all things #OpenDataSavesLives this week! Our next event on RAP for Health Inequalities is fast approaching - don't forget to register. Our next session will be on the 21st June, and we'll be discussing Virtual Wards. Speakers to be confirmed. Aside from keeping things ticking over with #ODSL, Taz has been working on visualisations for the YFF economic dashboard.