Weeknotes #19, April 14th, 2023

Luke's blog post What does LSIP stand for? is finally out! You can get an grasp on the project, learn a new anacronym, and how find out how OI is involved. He's also been building data pipelines for the Youth Futures Foundation project, and continuing with small tweaks to the LSIP website, ready for a board meeting next week.

Christian, after a nice relaxing week off over Easter, has started work on an economic impact model to calculate the GVA of bespoke sectors from a firm-level up. Lots of maths, but there should be a blog post about it next week!

Stuart and Taz have shared some thoughts about how our sponsors and network could use Open Data Portals to better understand how people are using their data, and where it could be improved. Their blog post will be available early next week.

Taz has been busy this week wrangling data on engagement with schools and young people for LEEDS 2023. Some initial visualisations can be found on a new metrics page that showcases the schools engaged with across the Leeds region - the page is still a work in progress, but you can take a look on the LEEDS 2023 Data Microsite.

In other news, we found a great animated visualisation that highlights just how incoherent English policy geographies can be - a side effect of our ever-changing administrative arrangements in England. Take a look at this report on Devolving English Government which tells us more.